PHOF Enshrinement Weekend

The Polynesian Hall of Fame hosts its annual Enshrinement Weekend every January in Honolulu with the three usual events:

  1. Polynesian Bowl. Two sides will come together to battle it out for the Bowl, the best of both Polynesian and non-Polynesian talent in the country. 
  2. Enshrinement Ceremony. The induction ceremony is conducted at the physical location of the Polynesian Hall of Fame at the Polynesian Cultural Center (PCC) in Lāʻie. 
  3. Celebration Dinner. The dinner brings together the Polynesian Bowl Players, the Polynesian Hall of Fame inductees, families, friends and others to celebrate this year's milestones and achievements. 

    The best high school football talent from around the globe gather to engage with Polynesian culture and battle it out for the premier secondary school game for Polynesians

    Polynesian Bowl 

    The national inductees and their family member gather for their induction ceremony at the host site at the Polynesian Cultural Center

    PHOF Enshrinement Ceremony 

    A celebratory event with the Polynesian Bowl players and the PHOF inductees, this great networking event highlights the important relationships and support networks that make these celebrations possible

    PHOF Celebration Dinner