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Recommended Books

Mo Tamaiti (For Children)

There are several books for children. In our inventory, we have the Samoan Alphabet Book by Lori Phillips and the Samoan Word Book by ʻAumua Mataʻitusi Simanu and Luafata Simanu-Klutz. 


Mo Tagata Mātutua (For Adults)

For adult beginners, we recommend getting Gagana Sāmoa: A Samoan Language Coursebook (Revised Edition) by Galumalemana Afeleti Hunkin for an introduction to Samoan language. This text includes short introductory lessons feasible for adults.

For advanced learners of Samoan, we recommend ʻO si Manu a Aliʻi: A Text for the Advanced Study of Samoan Language and Culture by tōfā ʻAumua Mataʻitusi Simanu. 


Literature Acquisition Project

One of our major goals at Sāmoana Media, LLC, is to acquire Samoan literature worldwide for distribution throughout Samoan communities around the world. In order to preserve some of these texts from going out of print - and becoming less accessible to our people, we strive to acquire them for dissemination. 

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