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  • Lakapī Pasifika

    Legend has it that rugby was invented in 1823. A hundred years later, Pacific Islanders have come to dominate this sports scene. Follow us as we highlight various games in both rugby union and rugby league. Check out our stories about the Sevens tours and the World Cup 2023 in France.

    Lakapī Pasifika 
  • Lakapī Faʻaʻamerika

    Samoans are 56 times more likely to play in the NFL than their peers. For a population that makes up less than a fraction of a percent of the United States, Samoans have contributed greatly to the popularity of the sport in the Pacific.

    Lakapī ʻAmerika 
  • Faʻaagātama i le Tai

    Samoans were adept sportsmen at sea. From swimming to canoe paddling to faʻaseʻe (surfing), Samoans mastered various arts of the ocean in ancient times. Samoans have also come to excel in the fautasi (long-boat) canoe races.

    Taʻaloga i le Tai