"ʻO le ala i le pule le tautua."
"Service is the pathway to leadership."
- Alagāʻupu faʻasāmoa
This alagāʻupu faʻasāmoa, or traditional Samoan proverb, underscores the importance of service to our ʻāiga (families), nuʻu (villages), itūmālō (districts), ʻekālēsia (churches), and the atunuʻu (nation). Maintaining the vā fealoaʻi, or harmonious relationships, is an important part of our aganuʻu faʻasāmoa (Samoan culture), which is based on alofa (love, mercy, compassion) and faʻaaloalo (respect).
Our programs are meant to provide our tautua (humble service) to our people, especiall in perpetuating our gagana (language) and aganuʻu (culture). You can find our in-house Samoan language programs and partnerships with collaborating organizations and explore all things concerning Sāmoa, Sāmoans, and our relationships with other Pasifika peoples. 

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Language Programs

Children's Programs

We partner with and support organizations such as the Association of Samoan Language Nests and the Vāimoana Early Learning Center to deliver quality Samoan language programs to young children and families

Adult and Family Programs

Adult classes are catered to teens and adults to learn Samoan and also provide support for children in their Samoan language learning journey

Community Programs

Find out more about our community programs and projects, including outreach about Samoan language, culture, and other engagement opportunities

Partnerships and Sponsorships

Find out about how we can collaborate through partnerships and sponsorships to engage with and support our communities