Excellence, Disparity, and Resilience

An exploration of Pacific Islander representation at the 2023 Rugby World Cup


What does it mean to represent your nation at the most renowned and prestigious rugby tournament in the world? For small island nations like Sāmoa, Tonga, and Fiji with Indigenous populations less than a million in their homelands and hundreds of thousands more overseas, it means just that: the world. In this project we explore the Pacific Islander experience at the World Cup following not just the Pacific homeland teams, but the teams and players with Pacific Islander descent. Reflecting on the legacies of Pacific excellence in the sport, this compilation of articles and interviews looks at how Pacific Islanders navigate their experience through this international journey. 


    Articles in Samoan and English on the games, players, and updates throughout the pool stages and a summary of the knockout phases

    RWC 2023 

    Photographic captures of the games and the player and fan experience at the games and throughout the tournament events and pregame events

    RWC Games 

    An analysis of the Pacific Islanders on both Pacific teams and on other teams, their performance, experiences, and representation

    Pasifika Players 
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