Pacific Nations Cup 2024

Join us in Fiji and Sāmoa as we cover the Pacific Nations Cup, a competition of the best rugby teams from across the Pacific rim. There are six participating teams: Sāmoa, Tonga, Fiji, Japan, the USA, and Canada. 

There are two stages of this match, the pool phase and a final series held from August to September. We will focus on covering the two Sāmoa matches in the pool phase, and if they should advance to the final match, whichever match Sāmoa places. 

After the surprising victory of the No. 14 Manu Sāmoa over No. 8 Italy, Sāmoa stands a great chance of proving itself to be the best in the Pacific. 


  1. 22 August 2024 Fiji v. Sāmoa [HBC Bank Stadium, Suva, Fiji]
  2. 29 August 2024 Sāmoa v. Tonga [Apia Park Stadium, Sāmoa]


Sāmoana Media will provide coverage of Weeks 1 and 2, including the Fiji v. Sāmoa game in Suva and the Sāmoa v. Tonga game in Apia.

If you are interested in sponsorship of this series or a specific game, please fill out the following contact form.

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